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The Botanical Garden and Animal Rescue Center is now open to the public on designated days, while otherwise being exclusively available to the guests of the SCHUMANN’S Resort & Park.
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Animal lovers, bird watchers, botanical enthusiasts and friends of the rainforest are invited to contribute to the upkeep and revitalization of this gem of Panama. Your financial contributions will help to preserve and renovate this beautiful piece of the Panama highlands for the future, while helping to ensure a continuity of the biodiversity and ecological characteristics of this place.

Contributions to the SCHUMANN’S Resort & Parkalso help support the upkeep of the park and assist with replanting new flowers and plants. Contributors may also donate garden artwork and sculptures to accentuate the beauty of the park. Financial donations are also sought to help maintain and improve the walkways and create parking spaces for visitors.

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[tagline_box title=”Join us as partners in supporting the conservation of this unique place. As a contributor to the SCHUMANN’S Resort & Park, you are part of the life of this place. You will also be able to visit the park when you visit Panama. Your contributions help provide for the welfare of animals in the park that are brought here for rescue, or that are brought in at a young age, cared for and released later into the wild. Our conservation program helps to provide habitat and care for many species of rare birds, parrots, monkeys, leopards, koi fish, turtles and other animals.”]



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