Rainforest Park

[title size=”1″]The Park[/title]

The SCHUMANN’S Park is a beautiful gem of nature and is one of the landmark places in Chiriqui, Panama. The park comprises 1.5 Ha of pristine gardens with abundant birdlife, native rainforest plants, including rare and threatened species.


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The SCHUMANN’S Park is home to an Orchid House containing over 500 species of rare orchids.┬áThe floral array of SCHUMANN’S Resort and Park seems to rise up and greet you as you walk down each garden path.[/content_box]

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At the SCHUMANN’S Park, guests can enjoy a safe, stimulating environment to experience close encounters with rainforest wildlife. [/content_box]

[content_box last=”yes” title=”Conservation Program” icon=”” link=”http://jardinencantado.com/rainforest-park/park-donation/” linktarget=”” linktext=”Read More”]Join us as partners in supporting the conservation of this unique place. As a contributor to the SCHUMANN’S Park, you are part of the life of this place. You will also be able to visit the park when you visit Panama.[/content_box]


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