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Along with relaxing and enjoying the natural splendor of the rainforest, create your own stimulating itinerary of tours and excursions.

Whatever you want to experience on your Panama vacation, the helpful staff at Jardin Encantado can guide you in finding the right arrangements to make your visit complete.


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Panama Vacations

Panama is an up-and-coming tourist destination. Long a “best kept secret” among backpackers, a new audience of world travelers is discovering the unique charms of this Caribbean nation with a fast-growing economy, stable government, and an emerging hub for ecotourism.

See why Panama is so acclaimed as a hidden jewel of international tourism:

Rated “Best of the World for 2012:” Traveler magazine has ranked Panama as one of the 20 “Best of the World” tourism destinations for 2012. More travel writers, thought leaders and influencers are focusing attention on Panama, creating interest in Panama’s pristine beaches, beautiful forests and unique terrain.

Cosmopolitan lifestyle: While Panama offers unspoiled natural beauty and exciting opportunities for eco-tourism, it is also an advanced, safe, stable country where visitors from the U.S. and Europe can find all the amenities and cultural attractions they need to feel at home. The national capital, Panama City, is home to over 1.2 million people and is a center for financial services and commerce. Panama’s cities are shaped by numerous diverse cultural and architectural influences, and are home to renowned World Heritage Sites.

High standard of living, low cost of living: Panama is a budget-friendly travel destination while also offering high-end luxury accommodations for more discrimination tastes, combining the low cost of living of an emerging economy with the high standard of living expected by international corporate leaders, expatriates and retirees. Panama scores highly on numerous quality of life indicators and is rated by International Living as the #1 retirement destination in the world.

As more people become aware of this “emerging jewel” of Latin America, travel to Panama is likely to continue to grow. Jardin Encantado Rainforest Park and Rainforest Resort offer travelers a unique opportunity to experience Panama’s raw natural beauty and warm, earnest hospitality. Find your place of enchantment in Panama.