Excursion description

Beyond the enchanting abundance of the Rainforest Park, Jardin Encantado guests can enjoy planned excursions to the Pacific Ocean or the pristine Caribbean beaches of Bocas Del Toro. Although Jardin Encantado is located in the highlands of Panama, the Pacific Ocean is only a 40-minute drive, and the Caribbean is 3 hours by car or a 20-minute flight by plane. Jardin Encantado can be your secluded highland hideaway and also serve as a home base to explore the beaches of Panama.

Bocas Del Toro Beach and Adventure Tours: Bocas Del Toro is an archipelago of islands, making for ideal beach conditions with generally mild weather and calm seas. Professional boat excursions and tours of the islands of Bocas Del Toro are available – and Jardin Encantado staff can schedule and arrange the details for you to enjoy these experiences.
Surfing: While the beaches are protected from rough seas, there is still enough surf available to catch a wave. Even beginner surfers and body boarders can revel in the steady waves off the Bocas Del Toro coast, riding to shore.

Deep Sea Fishing: Boat rentals and guided fishing excursions are available for those who want to experience deep sea fishing in the Caribbean.