Excursion description

Boquete, Panama is a burgeoning destination for ecotourism and is rated as one of the world’s best places for expatriates to relocate and to retire. With exotic rainforests, unspoiled natural beauty, and the sophisticated amenities and infrastructure of a First World nation, Boquete Panama offers the best combination of scenic wonder, friendly people, and comfortable living, hosted in the stable, peaceful country of Panama nestled in the heart of the Americas.

Boquete is located in a valley at the foot of Volcano Baru in the Panamanian province of Chiriqui. The Boquete region of Panama offers an ideal destination for the rejuvenating benefits of travel, communing with nature in a resplendent rainforest setting, while enjoying the finest cultural amenities of Central America.

The climate of Boquete offers fresh air and spring-like temperatures year-round, creating optimal conditions for re-energizing your health and wellness in a peaceful rural setting. This special place holds a unique charm and offers many wonders to visitors. Let Jardin Encantado be your guide to this area of unparalleled beauty.