Jardin Encantado is a family-owned and operated luxury rainforest resort in Boquete, Panama, offering sophisticated accommodations in a natural rainforest setting. Are you ready to experience the authentic beauty of the Panama highlands? This special place is ready for you, along with the warm hospitality of the people who call it home. At Jardin Encantado, enchantment awaits!  Our rainforest resort and adjoining rainforest park offers the best of ecotourism and high-class accommodations, all enmeshed in the abundant natural splendor of Boquete, Panama. Let Jardin Encantado be your guide to a new level of relaxation and comfort, in balance with nature.

The Resort


The Jardin Encantado Rainforest Park is home to an Orchid House containing over 500 species of rare orchids. The floral array of Jardin Encantado seems to rise up and greet you as you walk down each garden path.Read More

The Park


The Jardin Encantado resort exists in authentic balance with the surrounding natural environment, presenting guests with immediate, up-close encounters with the unique biodiversity of Boquete, Panama.Read More



Whatever you want to experience on your Panama vacation, the helpful staff at Jardin Encantado can guide you in finding the right arrangements to make your visit individual, stimulating and complete.Read More